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Scott Danesi – Component Breakdown (Download)

Scott Danesi – Component Breakdown (Download)

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TechnoMF Records is proud to present the release of its first artist album. “Component Breakdown” by Scott Danesi was released November 25th 2008. This album mainly focuses on breakbeats with a few techno songs as well. This album also has a rock inspired sound scattered throughout.

Special thanks goes out to Charlene April of Blind Faith and Envy for her work with the track “I Want To See You Again”. Special thanks also goes out to Dan Mollison and Nick Mollison for various sampled content and inspiration.


  1. Get Ready To Wake Up (6:48)
  2. Deconstruction (6:28)
  3. Point of Origin (5:55)
  4. Free (5:52)
  5. Random Frequency (Feat. Dan Mollison) (6:49)
  6. I Want To See You Again (Feat. Charlene April of Blind Faith and Envy) (6:16)
  7. Squarewave (5:54)
  8. Symphony 95 (6:42)
  9. Step In The Wrong Direction (5:32)
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