• About Total Nuclear Annihilation Pinball

    Total Nuclear Annihilation Pinball is a project I (Scott Danesi) started in November of 2015.  The goal was to create a semi-simple, early 80’s Bally influenced custom machine.  This pinball machine would have upgraded electronics, displays, lights, and software with an 80’s retro-futuristic feel.  In 2016 the machine design got picked up by Spooky Pinball LLC. to be produced as an actual production machine as a Danesi Designs contract manufacture machine.  Production began in September of 2017.

  • Who Worked On The Project

    This project could not have been possible without the extraordinary help of the team below (in no specific order).

    Production: Spooky Pinball

    Concept and Game Design: Scott Danesi

    Artwork: Matt Andrews

    Base Software Framework: Michael Ocean

    Operating System Design: Jimmy Lipham

    Animation: David Van Es, Matt Andrews, Scott Danesi

    Software and Rules Design: Scott Danesi

    Engineering: Scott Danesi

    Music and Sound Effects: Scott Danesi

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