Total Nuclear Annihilation Code Updates

WARNING: Versions 1.5.0 and prior will reset your audits and settings on the game after the update procedure.  However, these audits and settings are automatically dumped to the USB stick as a backup for your reference.  I am planning to add functionality to save audits within the game in the future.

NOTE 1: v1.4.0 may update your P3-ROC firmware if it deems necessary, DO NOT power off the machine unless the screen instructs you to.  The firmware update will happen after the update completes and the machine is restarted prior to first boot.

NOTE 2: Upon first boot after a code update, your game will restart by itself a few times while applying the update, please let it do its thing.  It will boot into attract mode when it is done.

Installation Steps

Step 1: Download the latest “pkg” file from the link above.
Step 2: Copy the “pkg” file to a USB flash drive (FAT32 format recommended).  Do not change the name of the file, should be named “tna-gamecode.pkg”.
Step 3: Power off the game and remove the backglass.
Step 4: Insert the USB flash drive into an open USB port on the PC located on the right side within the backbox.
Step 5: Power on the machine, a message should appear saying that the software is updating.
Step 6: Once the code update is complete, remove the USB flash drive and restart the machine. This should take no more than 10 minutes. If it takes more than 10 minutes, just power cycle the game again and the update procedure will restart from the beginning.