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Hakai Labs NT Controller Classic Gamepad Eurorack Interface

Hakai Labs NT Controller Classic Gamepad Eurorack Interface

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Introducing the NT Controller Eurorack Module by Hakai Labs.  This module enables you to fully utilize a classic gamepad controller in your Eurorack setup from your favorite 80s entertainment system.  This is amazingly useful in live situations where you need to control many things at once.  This NT Controller module has gate, and inverted gate, outputs (0 to 5v) for each button of the gamepad.  Also accompanying the outputs (and inverted outputs), are handy frosted red LEDs just like the original console.


  • Width 10HP Eurorack Format
  • No human-detectable lag when pressing buttons due to it's 20mhz on-board CPU
  • Works with most classic controllers with the correct interface port
  • Nice and bright frosted red LED indicators on every output for monitoring and increased visual appearance
  • All outputs are individually protected during ground shorts
  • An awesome way to test old controllers
  • Uses high quality, name brand, components
  • Fully assembled and tested
  • Does not come with a Nintendo NES controller
  • Handles turbo signals with ease from your controllers

Compatible Controllers:

  • NES-004 Nintendo NES Controller
  • Nintendo NES Max Controller
  • Nintendo NES Advantage Joystick (see Advantage note below)
  • Nintendo NES Controller 2 Dogbone
  • Reproduction controllers, with correct 7 pin NES compatible connector (with or without turbo)

Unsupported Controllers:

  • Nintendo NES Four Score (dual connector does not fit)
  • Nintendo NES Satellite (dual connector does not fit)
  • Nintendo Power Glove (untested, but the only thing that may work is the gamepad section)
  • Nintendo NES Zapper (does nothing)


  • NT Controller Module
  • Power Cable
  • Befaco Knurlies
  • Hakai Labs Sticker

NES Advantage Note: The NES Advantage Joystick has output ports, one for player 1 and one for player 2.  Unfortunately, you cannot use both at the same time with 2 separate NT Controller modules as it will bridge the latch data between both NT Controllers.  This will cause the inputs to be ignored and will just fire them off in a constant pattern as the 2 microcontroller cycles line up.  Here at Hakai Labs, we are into chaos, but this one in kinda boring.

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