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SPLTR Buffered Mult Prototype

SPLTR Buffered Mult Prototype

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This Eurorack module is nothing too special, but it is very special to us.  This is the first module that we created and this is one of the prototypes.  There are very few of these prototypes in existence.


  • Width 2HP Eurorack Format.
  • All output channels are individually amplified for exact duplication of the input signal.
  • Input 1 is normalized to input 2 if nothing is plugged into input 2.
  • Very handy LED indicators on each bank show green for positive voltage and red for negative.  Excellent for visually seeing your CV, triggers, gates, amplitude, etc.  Audio looks pretty cool because it appears orange.


  • SPLTR Module
  • Power Cable
  • Befaco Knurlies
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Customer Reviews

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A piece of history

Great buff mult with LED indicator- what more could you possibly want? Oh, for it to be one of the prototypes. That too. You could want that.


Ok so it's a buffmult so not quite as exciting as the title implies, but this is definitely a needed utility module for most of us. The SPLTR delivers the goods with 2 separate channels and LED's for feedback on the signal's behavior, a very handy feature.
This is a great first offering from Danesi Designs, a no-brainer in all departments. I'll be looking out for more cool stuff in the future.