Trilogy Beer Pinball and Custom 3D Printed Parts

68833-iIf you have not yet heard of Trilogy Brewing Company, they are a small hobbyist brewing company based out of southern Wisconsin.  Owned and operated by Doug Manley, this brewing company makes more than just great tasting and quality beer.  A few years ago Trilogy Brewing created a pinball machine based on a 1978 Bally Star Trek machine (code name Trilogy 1), that actually serves beer if you are able to beat a certain score.  This machine was hand built, designed, and painted by Doug with minimal outside help.  Doug did all the artwork for the playfield, backglass, and cabinet.  Not to mention all the mechanics and craftsmanship involved with building the lower cabinet from scratch and installing a “kegerator” into the back of it.  Simply amazing.

Doug has recently decided to build 2 more Trilogy Beer pinball machines in which he started in early 2014.  These 2 machines will be similar in design to the original Trilogy Beer pinball machine, but will be based on the playfields from a 1980 Stern Flight 2000.  They will both serve beer and have 100% custom artwork just as the original, but these versions will be keeping their standard alphanumeric score displays.  I cannot wait to see the final results.

More information including detailed pictures of the machines can be found here:

20141228_182311Doug has recently been looking to put a few more customized parts in these 2 “second generation” machines.  This is where we decided to help out and design and print some custom beer barrel star posts for these machines.  The picture to the right is a simple prototype of our beer barrel star post design.  These parts will be printed in PLA with a 30% fill and will be more than strong enough to take the abuse from the environment inside a working pinball machine.  The posts will eventually be printed in a wood color or hand painted to look more realistic.  We may even experiment printing them in actual wood.  Updates on that coming soon…


20140709_110353 (1)We have also supplied Trilogy Brewing Company with a half barrel toy for the 2 new machines with the Trilogy Beer logo built right into it.  This toy is for decoration purposes and was printed in PLA as well.  Doug plans on hand painting these half barrels to resemble aged wood.





If you have any questions about Trilogy Beer or the work that we did, please contact Scott here.

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