Aux Flipper Switch Hookup Board

Allows easy hookup for independent flipper switches on Pre-Fliptronics WPC pinball machines.

This product is currently no longer available. If there is enough demand, we can do another run. Please contact us here to let us know you are interested.

Product Price: $45.00

Product Description

About the Aux Flipper Switch Hookup Board

The Auxillary Flipper Switch Hookup Board was created as an easy way to add additional switches to pre-Fliptronics WPC pinball machines.

On this era of machine, the flipper switches toggle high voltage to the flipper coils.  The CPU will read the current draw of the individual flippers and trigger a switch event when it detects that the player has flipped the flipper.  This is for things like, lane change, video mode, and high score initial entry.  During these events, the high voltage to the flippers must be enabled and must “flip” to trigger the switch event for the CPU.

This board taps into the switch matrix and allows the use of 2 new switches on the flipper buttons to send switch events to the CPU directly.  This way the flipper coils do not need power in order to send events to the CPU.

This mod is designed to be used when a custom 2.0 game is being developed and the author would like to have the flippers register switch events when the flippers are powered off.

What’s included?

20150419_12083420150419_120649Included in the kit are the following items:

  • Flipper Switch Board
  • Wire Harness
  • 2 additional flipper switches
  • 2 3D printed switch brackets/isolators
  • Mounting hardware for new switches

How do I hook it up?

Step 1:

Disconnect the large plug on the Coin Door Interface board and plug it into the board.  The board will them plug directly into the coin door interface board where the main plug was originally hooked up.  See image below.


Step 2:

Plug in the included wire harness with the purple, gray, and black wires into the Aux Flipper Board.

Step 3:

Mount the new switches to the side of the existing flipper switches.  Please make sure that the only part that touches the existing switches is the plastic bracket.  Then tuck the wires neatly into the existing machine’s wire clips.  See images below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that the ONLY part of the new switch that is making contact with the existing flipper switch is the gray plastic bracket.  If the new copper switch comes in contact with the existing flipper switch, you will send high voltage to your switch matrix and this will obviously break your P-ROC.  Danesi Designs / Scott Danesi is in no way responsible for damage caused by the incorrect installation of this product.  We will, however, assist you in contacting the right people at Multimorphic to get your machine back up and running.  Just please be careful and mount it securely to the cabinet and double check the tightness of the existing flipper switches.


Left flipper button with new flipper switch attached


Right flipper button with new flipper switch attached

Step 4:

If using Bride of Pinbot 2.0 version 1.102 or greater, be sure to activate the mod by setting “Adjustments->Peripherals->Flipper Switch Mod” to “Installed”.


BoP 2.0 Version 1.102 or greater!


Flipper Switch Mod Installed!

Step 5:


Replacement Parts

625x465_3615827_11189837_1436636516Switch Bracket/Isolators

If you need replacement switch bracket/isolator, you have a few options.  You can contact me here, purchase a new set from our shapeways shop, or if you have or know someone with a 3D printer, you can download the STL files below and print them yourself.

TypeFile NameDate ModifiedSize

fsb_bracket_left_v4 8:06 am 07/25/201517.3k

fsb_bracket_right_v4 8:06 am 07/25/201517.3k

Pinball Life - PBL_SW-1A-194

Pinball Life – PBL_SW-1A-194

Replacement Leaf Switch

You can order replacement leaf switches from Pinball Life using the URL below

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