Carbon Fiber Building Blocks

So we love to try out new experimental 3D printable materials. We recently got in a roll of Carbon Fiber reinforced PLA from a start-up company called Proto-Pasta. More info can be found at the Proto-Pasta website.

We decided to print a few tests using this new material.  What did we print?  This was an easy question with an obvious answer.  The model of choice ended up being an “unnamed brand” one of our favorite style of building blocks from our childhood!

The images below were printed at 160 micron layer height at 225 degrees C.

20150201_130742 20150201_130807

The material printed quite well, just like any other PLA, but we did notice that the filament was fairly brittle while it was on the spool, so extra care is needed when loading it into the machine.  The bridging performance was really great as well.

As for the overall strength after printing, this is still to be determined.  The material is VERY rigid, but at the same time feels like it could take a bit of an impact without breaking.

Overall, this is a very interesting filament with a nice shiny dark gray appearance.  You can actually see the very small fibers.

We have yet to determine practical applications for this material, but over time will will perform a few more tests.  This could be a very good option for certain types of brackets and tools.

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