3D Printing, The Good, The Ugly

Hey Everyone,

We have been doing a lot of 3D printing over the past few months.  We have been printing for clients, for fun, and for experimentation purposes.  I figured I would share a few pictures of some of the good and the ugly prints we have encountered.

20150328_134036I am going to start with a beautiful failed print.  This is what we in the industry call, “making spaghetti”.  If the print comes loose from the build plate during a print, this is what you get.  This can occur due to a number of things like fingerprints on the buildplate, or in my case, improper part cooling of the part during printing.  What happened in this scenario was that I disabled the nozzle cooling fans during the print and the part warped a bit at the top causing the nozzle to hit the part and dislodge it from the build plate.  The printer has no idea that this happened and it keeps on going on it’s merry way and ruining your 25 hour print about 20 hours into it.  🙂

20150327_121146This next picture is one of the new experimental materials that we got in.  It is called “Thermoplastic Polyurethane”.  This is the same material that they make roller coaster wheels from.  How cool is that?

I decided to print a test robot using the Ultimaker Original.  This material needs to print at a pretty high temperature.  Somewhere between 240 and 260 C.

So, how do I think it turned out?  Poorly actually.  You can see that the the finish is a bit bubbly.  This is most likely due to me running the extruder too hot at 250C.  You will also notice that the antennas on the head of the robot melted pretty significantly.  This was due to the fact that I did not have the cooling fans running during the print similar to when printing ABS.

Overall a very interesting material.  I could see it practically used as a material for custom mouth guards or something like that.  This material also has an extremely high resistance to abrasion and is relatively flexible.

Now to wrap this up, here are a few pictures of the things that we designed and printed for the 2015 Pinball Olympics!  And, yes, that is a pinball flipper with a neodymium magnet in it.

20150219_141958 20150228_184149 20150305_214805 20150306_205122

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